Acupuncture is becoming increasingly popular in the West as an adjunct to conventional fertility treatments, such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, etc, as well as in aiding natural fertility. It has been used in China as a fertility treatment for thousands of years.

There is a growing body of research to support the role of acupuncture in fertility - visit these links below for up-to-date research information:

Female fertility

Male fertility

Sam has a special interest in fertility, both in promoting natural fertility and in supporting assisted fertility, and practices in close proximity to BCRM (making it easy for IVF clients in the Bristol area to receive acupuncture treatment before/after embryo transfer).

If you are seeking fertility acupuncture treatment to support IVF, it is generally recommended that you start receiving acupuncture at least 3 months before your IVF cycle begins, but if this is not possible, acupuncture treatment can still be administered during your IVF cycle. On the day of your embryo transfer (ET) it is recommended that you receive acupuncture treatment right before and after the ET, and Sam aims to accommodate for this whenever possible.

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