As well as being a form of therapeutic exercise, Qi Gong is also used as a means of energy healing. In this form it is widely used in hospitals in China to treat a variety of conditions. Energy healing has many forms in the world today, including Reiki, spiritual healing, therapeutic touch, esoteric healing, and healing touch.

In Qi Gong energy healing, the practitioner directs healing energy through their hands into the patient's energy field, normally without touching the patient, targeting areas of weakness or stagnation for example, either in relation to a particular organ or its associated energy meridian.

Sam has been practicing energy healing in various forms since 1996. In conducting a session, he combines his meditative and intuitive sensitivity with his extensive knowledge of Chinese Medicine to harmonise the energy field and to promote healing of body, mind and spirit.

Appointments:  60 mins | £45

For practice locations in Bristol and Wells (Somerset) please see the map and listings opposite/below.

'Sam has a calm, kind presence, which sets the tone of all his treatments. The energy healing sessions leave me feeling nourished, re-charged and grounded back into my own energy. I always sleep very deeply in the nights that follow.' - T.G., Bristol

Home visits: if you are home-bound or unable to access the clinic for any reason, Sam offers home visits in Bristol. There is an additional charge to allow for travel time and expense.

Free consultation: if you would like to discuss your interest prior to making a booking, Sam offers a free 15-minute phone consultation.

Practice Locations

The Natural Health Clinic

39 Cotham Hill
Bristol, BS6 6JY
Tel: 07733 154419 (for bookings)