Sam is a knowledgeable and compassionate acupuncturist, with keen insight and a kind and caring manner. I would highly recommend Sam.

N.M., Bristol

Sam was very intuitive when treating me. I felt he knew exactly what to tune into and helped my energy levels and made me more aware of my symptoms in order to help myself. He was also extremely kind, making me feel at ease to ask questions.

K.S., London

Sam exudes calmness and quiet authority - and that is like a therapy in itself. He is very intuitive and combines his awareness and thorough knowledge of the science of acupuncture to create a highly effective medicine space.

M.M., Bristol

Sam is a thoughtful and kind person who brings a real sense of calm to the treatment room. I think he is an exceptional acupuncturist.

M.B., Reading

I have been receiving acupuncture from Sam for a year. He is compassionate, caring, gentle and a very easy person to talk to. Sam has helped me enormously during a difficult time in my life and I know he will continue to do so.

S.B., Bristol

I have had acupuncture for many years and I found Sam extraordinarily perceptive, effective and gentle in his physical practice of acupuncture and also in his supportive and calm approach.

C.D., Bristol

Sam's gentle, intuitive approach to meditation and acupuncture makes for a wonderful experience! His guidance has allowed me to explore and deepen my meditation practice and this, combined with regular acupuncture sessions, has significantly improved my well-being. I thoroughly recommend Sam as a complementary health practitioner.

J.T., Bristol

I have been having acupuncture from Sam for almost 2 years and have found him to be a steady, calm presence and a confident and perceptive acupuncturist. He is a great listener, with a good sense of humour and a really kind and caring manner. He has helped me a lot. I recently took my almost-teen daughter for a treatment and loved the gentle and respectful way he explained to her what he was planning to do. Having a low-cost clinic means it is affordable - much appreciated too. I highly recommend Sam.

F.D., Stroud

I recently took a series of about 10 classes with Sam studying Dragon and Tiger qigong. Over the classes I quickly learned the basics well enough to continue improving with regular practice. As a result I already feel more grounded, healthier, stronger and more in tune with the flow of energy in my body. The classes were always well structured and enjoyable and included meditation and advice.  Sam is a really great teacher, and he is friendly, natural, patient and calm. I would highly reccommend to anyone who is interested in learning qigong and improving their health and awareness to have classes with Sam.

L.C., Bristol

I have been having treatment with Sam for a few months now and I am extremely happy with the results. I had never had acupuncture before seeing Sam, and I was both a bit nervous...and a wee bit sceptical!· However, Sam immediately put me at my ease and it was fine! I've had treatments from Sam for some specific injuries as well as for general well being and it's been really effective and helped me a great deal. I would (and have!) recommend Sam to others. Many thanks.

J.P., Bristol

I have had a very positive acupuncture treatment with Sam. I had several treatments with a very refreshing and healing effect on my body and mind. I had an initial assessment and 4 treatments which boosted my energy flow and tackled a continuous cold condition. Sam works with a professional manner, helps you feel comfortable and relaxed. I also benefited from a short meditation session with him.

Y.B., Bristol

Acupuncture from Sam has helped me immensely with a wide range of issues during my pregnancy so far. Treatments are relaxing and effective. Highly recommended!

K.W., Bristol

At the beginning of every session, Sam asks you about your well-being and any problems or improvements from the previous week. I happened to tell him that I had given up smoking 5 days before and was finding it hard to fight the cravings, I was using patches and nicotine lozenges at the time. He said that some needles in my ears could be helpful and asked if I wanted to give it a go. The day after, I went out and at the end of the day, I was like: "Hang on, there's something missing here and I just can't put my finger on what it is" I had this feeling nagging me until I saw someone smoking and I realised what the missing thing was: My cravings! Completely gone, it was as if I had never smoked! I had tried to give up many times before, but this is it, I am a non-smoker now! I can't thank Sam enough for this.

C.C., Bristol

I have been going to Sam for acupuncture for 5 months now and have been hugely impressed by his professionalism, sensitivity and wide ranging knowledge. He began to treat me following an operation and the healing, both physically and emotionally, following the initial acupuncture treatment was instantaneous. My overall health and wellbeing has improved rapidly ever since. I would thoroughly recommend acupuncture with Sam.

J.B., Bristol

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