Tibetan Massage

IMG 0223Full Body Tibetan Massage (with oil): 60 mins | £50

Head, Neck, & Shoulders Tibetan Massage (with oil): 30 mins | £30

Back Tibetan Massage (with oil): 30 mins | £30

Ayurvedic Foot Relexology (with oil): 30 mins | £30

Full Body Tibetan Massage inc. Ayurvedic Foot Reflexology: 90 mins | £70


ONLINE BOOKING AVAILABLE (Bristol only)... CLICK HERE (select 'Therapy Appointments' / 'Massage' or 'Reflexology' / 'Sam May', then select a time. Registration required.)


Tibetan Medicinal Massage (Ku Nye) is a holistic form of treatment that aims to restore the balance of an individual's physical, mental and emotional state, and includes attention to energy lines and pressure points on the body. It can help to promote circulation of fluids and blood, to release muscular tension, to reduce stiffness, to open channels, and to improve skin tone. It can also be given for general relaxation and rejuvenation of body and mind.

I use traditional Tibetan therapeutic massage oil, formulated with a special blend of Himalayan herbs.

It is recommended that you do not eat for at least one hour prior to the massage. This treatment is not suitable for people with certain skin problems; please enquire if you are unsure.

Practice Locations

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Tel: 07733 154419 (for bookings)